About our company
Stericon GmbH markets established brands as well as own brands in the health sector. It is a subsidiary company of Fintec Holding GmbH. Since the foundation in 1961 the enterprise sets great value on the conversion of high-class quality standards under observance of German as well as European standards.
Only products corresponding with the compliance of Stericon GmbH are produced and marketed under the slogan ‘German Standard’.
The company founded in 1962 is till this day in the hands of the founder’s family.
The for many years affiliated staff of qualified and experienced experts is pleased
to implement customer wishes with the necessary care, but also flexibility. Thanks to international experiences with emphasis amongst others in Africa, Asia and Arabian regions, specific features like product registration, custom regulations and environmental conditions are considered of course.

Not only the employees act for many years in the enterprise, also our customers and partners are loyal to the Stericon GmbH and to the whole Fintec Holding GmbH –NGO’s, government authorities as well as corporate customers worldwide.

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